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Symposium: IXth World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) on "Constitutional Challenges: Global and Local"


Constitutional scholars of more than ninety countries have met in Oslo from 16-20 June 2014 for the IXth World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) on “Constitutional Challenges: Global and Local”.
Thanks to the wide participation, the symposium represented a great opportunity for the exchange of expertise between junior and senior scholars coming from all over the world.
The 2014 Congress has been organized in 17 parallel workshops and 4 plenary sessions.
The workshops were dedicated to traditional as well as new issues of constitutionalism. With reference to the former, Workshop n. 9 (“Constitutional identity and constitutionalism beyond the nation state”, chaired by Susanna Mancini and Manuel Cepeda), hosted reflections about the nature of contemporary constitutionalism, characterized by the connections between two seemingly antithetical trends: the construction of transnational constitutional models and the efflorescence of ethnic and nationalist revivals. Workshop n. 5 (“Constitutional dialogues”, chaired by Tania Groppi and Marie-Claire Ponthereau) was on the circulation of constitutional ideas; in this regard, the papers focused on the use of foreign law not only by judges, but also by legislators and in constitutional making and amending.
Some workshops, adopting a more circumscribed point of view, analyzed the matter of constitutional identities in specific situations: workshop n. 10 (“The constitution and illiberal democracies”, chaired by Javier Couso and Christina Murray) was devoted to the regimes situated outside the area of the liberal constitutionalism, while workshop n. 11 (“The new spring of constitution making”, chaired by Mo Jihong and Amine Benabdallah), addressed the constitutionalism which characterizes Arab countries in the aftermath of the so-called “arab spring”.
Other workshops of the Congress also dealt with some traditional fields of the contemporary constitutionalism, like the role and the definition of federalism. In this regard, workshop n. 2 (“Sub-national constitutions in federal and quasi-federal constitutional states”, chaired by Bob Williams and Giacomo Delledonne), stimulated considerations, in a comparative perspective, upon the sub-national constitutionalism, with special focus on constituent power, constitutional changes and the impact of constitutional courts; workshop n. 17 (“Federalism, community identity and distributive justice”, chaired by Jean-Francois Des-Biens and Oliver Beaud) involved specific issues of federalism, that is the arising of community identities and the implementation of subsidiarity and solidarity in multi-level legal orders.

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